Private swimming lessons for children, from Nice to Monaco

Private swim school: private swimming lessons for children, from Nice to Monaco

Do you live between Nice and Monaco and is your child old enough to learn to swim? We are specialist swimming instructors. We offer private swimming lessons for children aged 3 and over.


For a high-quality learning experience, it is important your child feels at ease in the water. We use playful and fun activities in our private swimming classes to enable them to discover the pleasure of being in the water and moving about in it. 



Once your child feels at ease in water, they will then learn the basics of swimming and will gradually be taught the different strokes, including breaststroke and front crawl but also backstroke and butterfly. They will also learn to jump and dive into the water.

At Eze-sur-Mer, our private swimming lessons are given by a specialist instructor who is also a qualified lifeguard.


Our swim school offers private swimming classes that are appropriate to each child’s level and ability.

We will vary the teaching situation depending on the child's age and psychomotor development.


During our private swimming classes, we cultivate and share a spirit of fun, providing tailored instruction in the form of play and games, enabling each child to experience as much pleasure and excitement as possible in the water.


Prices for our private swimming lessons for children:

For 1 child: €65 a session.

For 2 children: €50 a session per child.

Children’s swimming lessons, private swimming classes, from Nice to Monaco.

Information and enrolment:

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