Children’s swimming lessons and introductory diving, in the sea between Nice and Monaco

Introductory diving and swimming lessons for kids, in the sea between Nice and Monaco



During the summer, our private swim school for children shifts a few metres to the sea.

We give swimming lessons at Eze-sur-Mer on the French Riviera, between Nice and Monaco.


Our sea swimming lessons take place throughout the summer to enable children to feel at home in water and learn to swim or improve their swimming while exploring the sea.


We also offer private full-day sessions in the sea for children to discover snorkelling, freediving and scuba diving.

So those who want to can blow their first bubbles from the age of 7 onwards.


Being able to swim is, first and foremost, about loving the water and feeling at ease in the water, whatever the environment, whether in a pool or the sea.

The aim is for children to enjoy being in the water and discover the marine environment so as to become water babies and thus learn and be able to swim from a very early age.


We share our love of the sea and the natural world with the children.

They develop and mature in the water between Nice and Monaco, at Eze-sur-Mer, in the pool during the winter months and in the sea in summertime.

- From the age of 3, children learn to swim through play while having fun in the pool.

- Children aged 5 and over, depending on how comfortable they feel in the water, set off into the sea to discover the marine world.




We offer children of the sea a different way of learning to swim, while discovering the sea at the same time.


The French Riviera offers us amazing conditions, with rare aquatic flora and fauna.

The scenery for us to explore between Nice and Menton is breathtaking, with incredible biodiversity, so let’s protect it!


The sea is a whole other world, another universe, that’s different, magical and fascinating.

Being in the water, swimming, freediving, snorkelling and scuba diving, is all about discovering and sharing.


Learning to know the environment and its fauna and flora means understanding sea and ocean life, the inhabitants of this water world and their roles, differences and importance.


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